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Here's The List Again Of What You'll Learn:
  • ​How to talk about yourself without bragging (but knowing that you should brag a little) (page 11)
  • ​​Why having a lot of experience where you have done a lot and can do a lot makes you come across looking scattered (page 8)
  • ​​How to appear like their dream candidate without saying a word (page 77) 
  • ​How introverts overcome working in an extroverted business world and stay true to themselves (page 17) 
  • ​​What’s going on behind the curtain during the job search process (and how to beat the system) (page 36) 
  • ​​How after 30 years of work experience you might think it's age or something else holding you back and what others have done to get great jobs (introduction)
  • ​​What speaking too fast says about you (and how to gain control over how you come across) (page 69) 
  • ​​What happens to your job search when you find an ideal job and target a very specific role (and why it's a good idea) (page 27) 
  • ​​What the recruiter is asking… and what they really want to hear (page 39) 
  • ​​How to address a long gap between jobs, being fired, or a short-lived engagements (page 53) 
  • ​​What improv has to do with job interviews (and how it can help you feel more prepared and confident than ever) (page 15) 
  • ​​How to answer, “Tell Me About Yourself” in a way that starts the interview in a very positive way (page 48) 
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